io - Data In- and Output

This module exposes the generic file reader.


A class that reads OSM data from a file.

close(self: → None

Close any open file handles. The reader is unusable afterwards.

eof(self: → bool

Check if the end of file has been reached.

header(self: →

Return the header with file information, see


File header with global information about the file.

box(self: → osmium::Box

Return the bounding box of the data in the file or an invalid box if the information is not available.

get(self:, key: str, default: str = '') → str

Get the value of header option ‘key’ or default value if there is no header option with that name. The default cannot be None.


True if there may be more than one version of the same object in the file. This happens normally only in history files.

set(self:, key: str, value: str) → None

Set the value of header option ‘key’.