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osmcoastline_ways (1)


osmcoastline_ways - extract coastline ways from OpenStreetMap data


osmcoastline_ways INPUT-FILE [OUTPUT-DB]


-h, --help
Display usage information.
-V, --version
Display program version and license information.


osmcoastline_ways extracts coastline ways from OSM data and writes them into a Spatialite database. The output data is meant for debugging and statistics. Use the osmcoastline program to assemble coastlines for “real” use.

You have to run osmcoastline_ways on the output of the osmcoastline_filter program, otherwise it will not work correctly!

The data is written to the Spatialite database OUTPUT-DB. If OUTPUT-DB is not set, the default “coastline-ways.db” is used. A single table “ways” is written. It contains the IDs of all ways, their geometries, and the contents of their “name” and “source” tags.

osmcoastline_ways outputs the sum of all way lengths.